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Gotta Get To FOWA
Gotta Get To FOWA
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You can help us without spending any money! We picked some special offers, all you need to do is go over and pick one, and we'll get $1-$2 for each offer you go for!

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Get The FOWA Theme Song for $1.99
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Ok, so we’re no Britney spears, we only made this song so people can help us get to FOWA, but we still think it’s pretty catchy, and apparently some people also think so too.

Download it here

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Come meet us in London

So, we’re going to London. We’re gonna be in London from the evening of April 28th, until May 3rd afternoon.

If you’d like to meet, discuss web design, or anything else, we’d love to have a beer!

Drop us a line to any of these email addresses or twitters:
Adam -at-, or @AdamTal.
Naor -at-, or @Naorsuky.

Follow our tour on Qik

Tune in to to see live video steams of our trip

See you there!

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Posted by Adam on April 23, 2009

London – here we come!

It seems like we’re going to London!! Yay!! (warning: lots of exclamation marks in this post)

I’ll cut the boring stuff and get straight to what’s important:

A. If you’re gonna be there, or in London any time between April 27th and May 3rd, we’d love to meet you! Drop us a line, and lets have coffee or lunch or something, k?

B. If you bought the song, sponsored our arse, or just tweeted/forwarded/stumbled this site, etc. – THANKS SO MUCH! You sent two full grown men to a different country!! how does that feel??

C. We’re hoping to fill the last couple of spots on the site and hopefully cover accommodation costs, so:
1. Please forward, blog, tweet and retweet one last time!
2. If you know a good cheap place to sleep around London, we’d love recommendations. Better yet, if you know of a motel/hotel who would consider giving us a discount for advertising on the site, let us know… sure lots of other FOWD/FOWA attendees would find it useful (this year, next year).
To be continued… :)

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on April 17, 2009

Get a free pass to FOWA/FOWD + a link from Ryan Carson

Ryan from Carsonified has come up with a new contest, where you can win a free pass to FOWA Dublin, FOWA Miami, FOWA Tour (all four cities!) or FOWD London.

Plus, if you have a site, Ryan will give you a link from ThinkVitamin, and will tweet it, Both are great for PR, and will send you some nice traffic (We know, we got both! yay!:)).

Aparently it’s been going on for a while (hence FOWA Miami as prize), but the deadline was just extended, so get yourself over to the Carsonified web site, and check it out. See you at FOWD London!:)

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on March 2, 2009

Oh… Miami…. Miami…

Looks like FOWA is really fun according to everyone’s tweets. If you’re interested in #FOWA at all, I suggest tuning in to Ryan Carson’s twitter page, which give a good feeling of what’s going on.

You can catch photos of the event over here, and feel almost like you are there yourself (OK, not really, that was just me trying to convince myself). Humffff… I wish I was in Miami right now:). (ok, lost the link, will put it up soon).

Never mind though, we made three cool decisions this week:
A. We’re gonna get to FOWD London.
B. We’re gonna get to FOWA Miami next year on our own.
C. We’re gonna use this website to help other people attend FOWA and other cool events. We’re not sure how yet, but if you have any idea or model we can follow, please, do tell. We’re on twitter and email, don’t hesitate, we’d love to chat:).

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on February 23, 2009

Goodbye Miami, hello London.

This week has brought a slight disappointment, as we faced the cruel reality – Miami is too damn far…
This whole idea was quite ambitious to begin with, after all we need to raise over $5000 to actually be able to get to FOWA Miami, but we can’t say we didn’t try, and this whole adventure was definitely worth it by itself, as we already said in earlier updates.

In any case, our spirits are still high, and we have decided not to give up on the dream, just try to make it more realistic. Fortunately, there’s another Carsonified event coming soon – FOWD London, which we hope to be able to get to instead.

London is much closer to Tel Aviv, and actually, we are already half way there in terms of $, so we hope we can still meet all you guys at London.

We also would like to thank our sponsors again, a bunch of really cool people and companies, we suggest you check them out in our sponsor box (or join them!)
Also, if you liked the Miami landscape better, you can click here to change the background back to sunny Miami:).

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on February 20, 2009

Our sponsors rock.

Our sponsor box was a great idea. We didn’t expect to get such a cool bunch of sponsors, and were really excited about the websites and web apps we discovered. Not to mention they all have pretty cool logos, which definitely makes our site look better;-).

Our first sponsor, Tvinci, is one of our best clients, and they were happy to help. If you build or design websites, we really recommend checking out their online video solution, they have really cool players, and a very efficient platform. We’re gonna use it on one of our upcoming websites, so you could check it out live soon.

Carsonified needs no introduction to FOWA fans, of course. They offered us FOWA passes if actually make it to Miami, and that’s a great help, so we realyl appreciate it. Other than that, they rock in so many ways, if you didn’t know them by now, we really recommend paying a visit to their website, and perhaps following them on twitter.

Next up are Good & better, who were also among the first people to buy the FOWA Them song. They have a realy cool and unique website, we suggest you check it out. FLYLYF & are both really cool websites to follow if you’re into web design, and if you are a designer, you can’t miss BittBox, which is a great resource for tutorials, Photoshop brushes, textures and lots of other stuff (did I mention they’re free?).

If you own an iPhone or better yet, if you’er a developer of iPhone app, you might find Mobile Orchard to be a very interesting and useful blog. I especially enjoy their podcasts. Lilina is also something you should check out, it’s an open source aggregator which is really is to install, and in the near future will be extensible by plug ins and stuff, looks really interesting.

BuzzDing, besides having a really cool name and logo, have a really cool concept – they help you monitor & manage your online buzz. Want to know more about what that means? you can sign up to try it for 3 days for free. We are definitely going to use this for our clients, and we’ll tell you more once we do.

Last but not least, Octabox is a platform for freelancers and small businesses for managing their professional lives. Sounds like a time/project management app, and judging by the website, we can be sure it looks really really fresh. We are looking forward to try it ourselves, and in the meantime you can sign up for the beta as well.

So, that’s about it for now, we are really proud to have such a bunch of cool sponsors, and we really like to say thanks to all you guys supporting us – both ou sponsors, the people who got the FOWA song, and all you other people helping in other ways. We are still far from Miami, but this is fun, and we hope February will be a big leap towards FOWA miami.

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on February 4, 2009

This is fun.

Ok, we are loving every minute of this experience.


On the couple of days after we launched GottaGetToFOWA (or GGTF, as we call it), we already knew it was worth it. Did we actually believe we’d make it to Miami? Well, of course. But we had our doubts – lots of them – plus, we wondered if asking for money is the way we want to meet people…

But as I said, a couple of days in to this campaign we already knew it was the right thing to do.
First of all – it was fun. It is one of the first projects we are doing for ourselves and not for a client, which meant we could actually go with our own ideas, with no limitations. We didn’t have much time to work on it, but apparently it worked.

We received so much feedback – the project recaptured the attention of people we already know, and got us lots of complements from new people we never thought we’d get to meet. We already have two new clients thanks to GGTF, and many people we can talk to at FOWA, if we get there (More on that in the next post, I know you guys are anxious to know). Stay tuned!


Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on January 11, 2009

We’re off to a good start!

Good? I mean great! We never expected that kind of love!
2500 Unique visitors, 4 Job offers (and 2 offers to work for us!), 8 FOWA theme song downloads, and dozens of emails, with great complements and feedback… and that was only the first day!

The best part was the support from the people at Carsonified, the guys behind FOWA. We were really excited when we got an email from Jo, telling us they might be able to help with FOWA passes, if we make it to Miami!

So to sum up, even if we wont get to Miami, this little campaign is already worthwhile, we got in touch with some amazing people, and we’re really thankful for that. Of course, in order to meet all of them in Miami in February, we need more people to download the the FOWA theme song, so please go ahead and download it, or even buy it for a friend!

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on December 9, 2008

Help us get to FOWA.

Oh, what a crazy year it’s been! We could really use a vacation, but it seems “next month” will never come, so we made a decision: this year we are going to one of Carsonifed’s events. Unfortunately we missed the FOWD in New York, which we really wanted to attend, but apparently Miami 2009 was just around the corner.

And what could be a better excuse for a ‘vacation’ than a convention? it’s perfect!
The only problem? budget of course! damn, Miami is far!

So we thought we’d ask for your help, we really wanna go..!
And in return, we have written a short song (which we secretly hope will become a huge hit), you guys can  download it for $1.99 and help us get to Miami, while dancing the night away!

Will this work? we dunno, it all depends on you, we shall find out soon. But at least we tried.
And if not, well, we’ll have to see you next year in another Carsonified event, perhaps a closer one…

So in the meantime… Passports – check! The long journey to Miami has officially begun….

Comments? drop us a tweet @naorsuky, @adamtal

Posted by Adam on December 6, 2008